Physics 109 Spring 2014 Reference Page

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Pupa Gilbert
Natalia Perkins
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Course Description: 
A course on sound and light for non-science majors. The nature of sound and sound perception; fundamentals of harmony, musical scales, and musical instruments. Studies of light including lenses, photography, color perception, and color mixing. Two lectures and one two-hour lab per week.
Completion of QR-A. High school algebra & geometry. Not open to students who have had an intermediate or advanced level physics course, including Physics 371. Open to Freshmen
Lecture Place and Time: 
TR 12:05-12:55pm, 2241 Chamberlin Hall
TR 1:20-2:10pm, 2241 Chamberlin Hall
Final Exam Date and Time: 
Friday, May 16, 2014 5:05pm to 7:05pm
Physics in the Arts, Revised Edition, Revised edition by Gilbert, Haeberli Academic Press Elsevier 2011, ISBN 0123918782
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