Physics 407 Spring 2014 Reference Page

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Mark Eriksson
Dan Mc Cammon
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Advanced experiments in classical and modern physics, many associated with the subject matter of Physics 415, 448, 449. Possible experiments include beta decay, muon lifetime, nuclear magnetic resonance, Stern-Gerlach atomic beam, Mossbauer scattering, velocity of light, Zeeman effect, and Compton scattering. Techniques for the statistical analysis of experimental data are emphasized. One (two) credit students will typically perform 4 (8) experiments.
Physics 307 or 308 or consent of instructor
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TR 1:00-5:00pm, 3105 Chamberlin Hall
Data Reduction and Error Analysis For the Physical Sciences, 3rd edition by Bevington and Robinson Mcgraw Hill 2003, ISBN 0072472278
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