Fellowship opportunities for graduate students include external fellowships (further information can be found via the funding guide from the Graduate School), as well as supplemental fellowship opportunities that are available through the UW-Madison campus or the Physics department.

UW campus fellowship opportunities include University Fellowships and Advanced Opportunity Fellowships, which are awarded by the Graduate School upon recommendation of the Department of Physics during the admissions process. The Department may also have fellowships available for incoming first-year graduate students. Funding for graduate student fellowship support is made possible by generous endowments from Physics Department alumni. These fellowships include the following:

R.G. Herb Distinguished Graduate Fellowship in Condensed Matter

  • Two 1-year fellowships may be awarded each year to incoming graduate students in the area of condensed matter physics
  • Designed to enhance the introductory graduate experience of outstanding candidates
  • Provides a generous stipend, remission of in-state and out-of-state tuition and segregated fees, as well as conference travel expenses for the first year of graduate school
  • Fellows often work with one or more condensed matter research groups during the fellowship period, and generally receive continuing support as research assistants afterward.

Jeff & Lily Chen Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

  • 1-year fellowship awarded to an outstanding applicant from National Taiwan University, a woman, or other top candidate
  • Provides selected graduate fellows with generous stipends, remission of in-state and out-of-state tuition and segregated fees, and professional development funds.

Cornelius & Cynthia C. Browne Endowed Fellowship

  • Awarded to an outstanding applicant intending to pursue doctoral studies in the field of experimental nuclear physics (second preference given to students in experimental physics).

Other Financial Support

Teaching Assistantships
Research Assistantships