Student Opportunities at UW Physics

Below is a list of faculty and staff that hire undergraduate students to work in laboratories and/or do theoretical calculations in the Physics Department.

Atomic Physics

Shimon Kolkowitz
Jim Lawler
Mark Saffman
Thad Walker
Deniz Yavuz

Condensed Matter Physics

Victor Brar
Mark Eriksson
Pupa Gilbert
Robert McDermott
Mark Rzchowski

Garage Physics

Duncan Carlsmith

Space/Astro/Neutrino Physics

Keith Bechtol
Francis Halzen
Albrecht Karle
Dan McCammon
Peter Timbie
Justin Vandenbroucke

Particle Physics

Kevin Black
Tulika Bose
Duncan Carlsmith
Sridhara Dasu
Matthew Herndon
Kimberly Palladino
Brian Rebel

Plasma Physics

Jan Egedal
Cary Forest
John Sarff
Peter Weix


Dan Bradley

Instructional Laboratories

Assist with instructional laboratory setup

Brett Unks

Physics Museum Docents & Lecture Demonstration

Steve Narf

Are you a current or soon-to-be physics student? Want to learn more physics? Want to practice teaching? Looking for a “side” job? Need more pizza money? Become an Ingersoll Physics Museum Docent! We are urgently looking for proactive independent students (undergrad or graduate) to help give general public tours of the Physics Museum. High-demand months are March through October every year. The typical tour group is a middle school science class. A good understanding of general physics is a must.

Duties: Conduct tours of the Ingersoll Physics Museum. Duration of each tour is about one hour. Report any broken exhibits to your supervisor. Stay up-to-speed with the online tour schedule and correspond with your supervisor as to the tours that you can or can not conduct, and show up for your tour. Correspondence is manly through email.

Position is “Extreme Part-Time”, sporadic, and year round. On-the-job training included. Contact: Steve Narf, Instructional Program Manager Office Phone: 608/262-3898 Office location: 2237 Chamberlin Hall

Ingersoll Museum

Additional Opportunities

In addition to any items posted further down on this page, you may also wish to view the following resources: