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Events at Physics

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Astronomy Colloquium
From the Interstellar Medium to Prime Time, Making Astronomy News
Date: Monday, January 12th
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: 4421 Sterling Hall, Astronomy Colloquium Room (Sandwiches provided)
Speaker: Terry Devitt & Tom Ziemer, UW-Madison Research Communications & Letters and Science Office of Advancement
Abstract: Discussion by Terry Devitt:
As scholars, you know that an act of science is not complete until the research is communicated. For a scientist, this usually means publication in a peer reviewed journal or a presentation or a poster at a scientific meeting. But why stop there? While it is of obvious importance to share your research with your peers, there are other important constituencies that have a genuine interest and stake in your work. To reach those audiences requires packaging results and observations in ways that make them easily accessible to the uninitiated. It also requires communications channels and sometimes expertise to help present, package and disseminate interesting and important research findings. In this talk, we’ll present a template for transforming research findings into news, say a little bit about packaging, discuss what is news, and provide a menu of resources that you can use when you have findings that you think are worth sharing with the wider world.

Discussion by Tom Ziemer:
How can the College of Letters &amp; Science engage alumni and donors and gain their support? We can lay the groundwork by inspiring them through compelling storytelling that maintains — or reawakens — their connection with campus. We'll discuss the sort of stories that will catch the eye and hold the attention of your alumni, donors and friends.<br>
Host: Elijah Bernstein-Cooper
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