Graduate Student Resources

University Health Services (UHS) offers a safe and confidential environment with a variety of support services available free of charge and open to all graduate students.


Recreation & Wellbeing (RecWell) at UW-Madison offers group fitness classes, intramural sports, at home workouts, personal training, and wellbeing resources.


Graduate School website for reporting incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, and stalking; reporting incidents of bias or hate; discrimination, harassment, and retaliation; research misconduct; hostile and intimidating behavior; dean of students office

Dean of Students Office: Students can request to meet with the Graduate Student Assistant Specialist for support specific to the unique needs of graduate students.

Dean of Students Office: Reporting sexual assault, dating, domestic violence, & stalking; don’t know what to do? want to talk to someone? want to support someone?

Reporting Incidents of Bias or Hate: The University of Wisconsin–Madison is committed to responding to incidents of hate and bias on campus.

Research misconduct: if you have observed or you suspect research misconduct, please report directly to the Research Integrity Office (RIO) at UW-Madison (

Hostile & Intimidating Behavior: If you have experienced hostile and intimidating behavior (HIB) in the work environment, there are resources to help. See the website below for definitions, resources, and training.