Department Staff


Austin, Ann R: Purchasing

Bannon, Keeley: Administrative Support (travel arrangements/reimbursements)

Dummer, Douglas E: Instrument Shop Supervisor

Foster, William B: Instrument Shop

Gates, Billy J: Electronics Shop

Gerber, Michael L: Instrument Shop

Guitzkow, David J: Instrument Shop

Hietpas III, Giles: Administrative Support (travel arrangements/reimbursements)

Hooper, Eric J: Physics Learning Center (on leave)

Huesmann, Amihan S: Physics Learning Center

Knox, Rita: Payroll & Benefits

Kresse, Kerry L: Librarian

Lefkow, Aimee N: Research Program Manager

Lefkow, Renee I: Graduate Student Coordinator

Lockman, David F: Mailroom, Shipping and Duplicating; Lost & Found

Matchey, Karyn: Assistant to the Chairperson

Miner, Donald L: Accountant

Narf, Steve R: Lecture Demonstration

Nossal, Susan M: Director, Physics Learning Center/Associate Scientist

Randall, Michael R: Wonders of Physics

Reardon, James C: Director of Instructional Labs

Rylander, Russell W: Accounting & Purchasing

Schenker, Bryan R: Physics Learning Center

Schumacher, Steven: Student Instrument Shop Manager

Schutte, Dale G: Research Program Manager

Seys, Chad: Computer Systems Administrator

Tikalsky, Jes: Computer Systems Administrator

Unks, Brett: Instructional Lab Manager

Watson, Lawrence E: Physics Learning Center

Yaeger, Sara K: Instrument Shop

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