Undergraduate Research/Work Opportunities in the Physics Department

Below is a list of faculty and staff that hire undergraduate students to work in laboratories and/or do theoretical calculations in the Physics Department:

Atomic Physics

Jim Lawler jelawler@wisc.edc.edu
Mark Saffman msaffman@wisc.edu.edu
Thad Walker tgwalker@wisc.edu
Deniz Yavuz yavuz@wisc.edu

Condensed Matter Physics

Mark Eriksson maeriksson@wisc.edu
Pupa Gilbert pupa@physics.wisc.edu
Robert McDermott rfmcdermott@wisc.edu
Mark Rzchowski rzchowski@physics.wisc.edu

Space/Astro/Neutrino Physics

Francis Halzen halzen@icecube.wisc.edu
Albrecht Karle karle@icecube.wisc.edu
Dan McCammon mccammon@physics.wisc.edu
Peter Timbie pttimbie@wisc.edu
Stefan Westerhoff westerhoff@physics.wisc.edu
Justin Vandenbroucke vandenbrouck@wisc.edu

Particle Physics

Duncan Carlsmith duncan@hep.wisc.edu
Sridhara Dasu dasu@hep.wisc.edu
Matthew Herndon herndon@hep.wisc.edu

Plasma Physics

Cary Forest cbforest@wisc.edu
John Sarf fjssarff@wisc.edu
Dale Schutte schutte@wisc.edu
Peter Weix pjweix@wisc.edu

Garage Physics

Duncan Carlsmith duncan@hep.wisc.edu

Instructional Laboratories

Assist with instructional laboratory setup:
Brett Unks unks@wisc.edu

Physics Museum Docents & Lecture Demonstration

Tour guides in the Museum and Assist with lecture demonstration:

Steve Narf srnarf@wisc.edu
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