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Events at Physics

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Special Lunch Astronomy Talk
Cores, anisotrophy and (complex) rotation: the (Classical) dwarf Spheroidals
Date: Monday, October 22nd
Time: 12:00 pm
Place: 4421 Sterling Hall
Speaker: Nicola Amorisco, University of Copenhagen

The presence of multiple stellar populations in dwarf Spheroidals has proved to be the key to advancing our understanding of their dynamical state, dark matter content, and evolutionary history. Chemo-dynamical methods use both metallicity and kinematical information from discrete spectroscopic samples to identify and disentangle any distinct sub-populations. These are then fed to dynamical analyses, which greatly benefit from the independent constraints enforced by different sub-populations. I'll review some recent results on the subject and report on the evidence for a large dark matter core in both the Sculptor and Fornax dwarf Spheroidals, on an attempt to characterize directly the orbital structure of these systems, and on the detection of a complex chemo-rotational pattern in the Fornax dwarf.
Host: Prof Elena D'onghia
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