Future Undergraduates

UW Physics students spell out E=MC2


Prospective undergraduate students should apply to the College of Letters & Science. The Physics Department does not have a separate admissions process.


There are visit and tour options for prospective freshmen students wishing to check out UW Madison.

Declaring a Physics Major

If you wish to declare a physics major, you will need to speak to one of the physics advisors. You can contact them directly, or email info@physics to setup an appointment. A physics major can be declared after completing at least one physics course at UW–Madison that counts toward the major. Students are encouraged to declare a major as early as possible. Additional guidelines for declaring a major are described in the College of Letters & Science Knowledgebase.

Why major in physics?  Many students who major in physics as undergraduates enter graduate schools for work leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. degrees. Others seek employment in a wide range of fields in government, business, and industry. Since current research, both pure and applied, involves interdisciplinary efforts, the broad training of physics with its stress on fundamentals proves to be a valuable experience.

Additional Information

The Physics Major Handbook and other resources for undergraduates may be found here.

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