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Physics 201 Fall 2012: General Physics

Lecture Tuesday/Thursday 9:55 in 2103 Chamberlin; Labs in 4314 Chamberlin

Sam Hokin

Kenneth Flanagan (302,303)

Todd Garon (309,311)

Karl Goebel (305)

Laser Kaplan (306,308)

Nicole Vassh (304,310)

Christopher Wilen (301,307)

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Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:15 PM
even-number student ID:VAN VLECK B102
odd-number student ID:BIRGE 145

Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:15 PM
even-number student ID:VAN VLECK B102
odd-number student ID:BIRGE 145

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Homework is completed on You need to buy an account, for either one semester ($75) or two ($95). See below for account options and pricing. If you know you'll be taking 202, you may as well buy the two-semester account.

To enroll for this class, you'll need to enter a Class Key for your section as given below:

Section 301:   wisc 0508 9794
Section 302:   wisc 9037 1165
Section 303:   wisc 5513 7931
Section 304:   wisc 6398 0643
Section 305:   wisc 1436 8316
Section 306:   wisc 8868 7578
Section 307:   wisc 0211 2136
Section 308:   wisc 3653 9677
Section 309:   wisc 9160 8543
Section 310:   wisc 2236 5919
Section 311:   wisc 1747 4761


UW bundle: Serway: PHYSICS FOR SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS,8e CHAPTERS 1-15 (unbound 3 hole punch) bundled with Enhanced WebAssign access code (1 semester for YouBook (interactive e-book) and online homework). ISBN 9781133287872 Available only at University Bookstore. Best value option. Reduced pricing for UW-Madison students.


If a student does not want to purchase a print text but still needs the Enhanced WebAssign access code (includes access to online homework and interactive e-book (YouBook):

  1. To purchase an INSTANT ACCESS CODE online for 2 semesters:
    Best price for a 2-semester access code (includes EWA homework and YouBook (interactive e-book)).
    Type 0538738073 in search box.
    Instant Access Code card is $95.

  2. To purchase an INSTANT ACCESS CODE online for 1 semester:
    This website is the only place to purchase an instant access code for 1 semester (includes EWA homework and YouBook (interactive e-book)).
    Instant access code is $75.
    (This website also offers 2-semester access codes, but they are more expensive – order instead at (see #1 above)).

Last updated: 05/14/2012

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