Physics 247 Fall 2012
Week Chapter Lab Notes Lec Disc
3-Sep BW 1: Overview no lab Lecture and discussion start Wed 5 Sep Winokur TA
10-Sep BW 2: Motion in a Straight Line MC1: Errors and motion Carlsmith TA
17-Sep BW 3: Motion in 2 and 3 Dimensions MC4: Acceleration and free fall Winokur Winokur
24-Sep BW 4: Force M5 Projectile motion Winokur Winokur
1-Oct BW 5: Kinetic Energy, Work, and Power no lab Exam 1, Ch 1-4, Friday 5 Oct in class Carlsmith Carlsmith
8-Oct BW 6: Potential Energy and Energy Conservation MC7: Simple pendulum Carlsmith Carlsmith
15-Oct BW 7: Momentum and Collisions MC12b:Simple harmonic oscillator and resonance Winokur TA
22-Oct BW 35: Relativity Speed of light Winokur TA
29-Oct TR 2: Special Relativity MC11a,b Collisions with air track Carlsmith Carlsmith
5-Nov BW 8: Systems of Particles and Extended Objects no lab Exam 2, Ch 5-7,35, Friday 9 Nov in class Carlsmith Carlsmith
12-Nov BW 9: Circular Motion MC6: Uniform circular motion Winokur Winokur
19-Nov BW 10: Rotation TA lab TBD lab Thanksgiving recess R, F Winokur Winokur
26-Nov BW 11: Static Equilibrium M9: Angular acceleration and moments of intertia Carlsmith TA
3-Dec BW 12: Gravitation M3: Static forces and moments Carlsmith Carlsmith
10-Dec BW 13: Solids and Fluids no lab Winokur Winokur
17-Dec Final exam Friday 21-Dec 12:25-2:25pm