Advisor & Other Contact Information


Physics Majors

Michael Winokur  (ON SABBATICAL SPRING 2017 - Please contact one of the others)
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
5106 Chamberlin Hall
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
4209 Chamberlin Hall
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
6207 Chamberlin Hall

AMEP Majors

Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
3277 Chamberlin Hall
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
5112 Chamberlin Hall

Astronomy-Physics Majors

Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
4550 Sterling Hall
Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
4514 Sterling Hall
Advanced Placement & Honors: Michael Winokur
Physics Club Advisor: Dan McCammon

Physics Learning Center: Susan Nossal | 2334 Chamberlin Hall | 262.9107 |

Physics Library: Kerry Kresse | 4220 Chamberlin Hall | 262.9500 |

Physics Club: University Physical Society (UPS) | 2328 Chamberlin Hall | 263.2805 |

Course Enrollment

If you are having problems with Physics course registration, please contact Undergraduate Services, Allison Tredinnick. Course instructors in introductory classes do not make decisions about prioritizing students on a registration waitlist. Some exceptions are made for students to move into a different lab or discussion section at the discretion of TAs. Such questions should be addressed to the instructor of record who should be identified by using the UW timetable.

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