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Re: Using Errorf in IDL

In article <5lsqed$efs@agate.berkeley.edu>, karl@gojira.berkeley.edu (Karl Young) writes:
>I recently tried to feed a complex argument to Errorf, but it would have
>none of it. With Mathematica you get a complex numerical result
>if you feed Erf a complex numerical argument. I assume Mathematica is 
>calculating the principal value of the integral or something like 
>that. So my basic question is, how can I do the same thing most
>efficiently in IDL? (If I have to I can numerically integrate
>Fresnel integral euivalents or something else equally disgusting
>but I'm praying for something simple) Perhaps just as useful
>would be if somebody could give me a form for A(a,b),B(a,b) in:
I did write a routine for complex Errorf (and Fresnel integrals as 
well).  It is included in a copy of my library which I transferred to 
RSI few month ago.  Should be faster to download from them then from 
me, but if it is a problem, let me know.

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