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IDL for windows :-{

	After having used IDL for years on UNIX systems, I am struggling with
the user interface of the version for Windows.  Can anyone tell me how
to do any of the following:

1.  Eliminate the command input window, and enter commands directly in
the output log window - just like an xterm.

2.  Clear the output log window programmatically, rather than by doing a
right-click -> Clear Log mouse operation.

3.  Running the RDPIX routine in an xterm results in a stationary
display of: x, y, value - nice and simple.  This, umm, doesn't quite
work same way in the windows version.  In fact, it sometimes crashes IDL
on my system as the horizontal scroll bar in the output log window gets
smaller and smaller...

4.  For a displayed image, how can I change its colors without having to
re-load the image after changing the color table?  For example, clicking
through the entries in XLOADCT immediately changes the colors in all
windows on my UNIX machine.  I've turned off decomposed color
(device,decomposed=0), which doesn't seem to affect this behavior.