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Re: IDL Syntax ?

Eric Kihn (kihn@mindspring.com) writes:

> I'll hope this isn't too FAQ but...
> 1) Is there an escape sequence for IDL strings? Ie if what I want is
> Hello <return>
> There.

Depends on what you are doing here. If you are trying
to print it, you can do this:

   Print, "Hello" + String(10b) + "There"

If you are putting it on a title of a plot, or
writing it into a graphics window, you can do this:

   XYOutS, 0.5, 0.5, Align=0.5, /Normal, "Hello!CThere"

> 2) When using Map_Set I see lots of keywords for rotation, orientation,
> etc but nothing to restrict the displayed lat lon. If what I want is a
> lat-lon box (Not global) with continent overlays for example should I be
> using something else?  I'll gladly take and RTFM if someone can say
> which FM?

Not sure what you are asking for with "lat-lon box",
but perhaps it is the LIMIT keyword. (?)



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