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Re: IDL 5.1.1: Going from True_Color to Pseudo_Color on one session

Bill Capehart (wcapehar@silver.sdsmt.edu) writes:

> Can we bounce between
> device, true_color=24    and
> device, pseudo_color=8
> in a single session,
> Three of used to this all the time in old versions of IDL and 'Wave and
> either something has changed or we've gone foggy and forgot the magic
> missing step.  We've used it before after and inbetween "window" commands
> and nothing has worked.
> The only way for it to work is to use one in a given session and stick with
> it.
> It's got to be something simple... Ideas?

Uh, switch back to PV-Wave, where you COULD do this
if no windows were currently open. But it ain't gonna
happen in *any* version of IDL. :-)



P.S. Let's just say RSI believes in commitment.
And I believe it in too. Especially since I have the
only book out that shows you how to write programs that
work the same in either of these two environments. :-)

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