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Re: Strange memory problem

rkj@dukebar.crml.uab.edu (R. Kyle Justice) wrote:
> Actually I should have given my real problem rather than a
> simplified version of it.  Acutally I have two big arrays of
> equal size and I am trying to copy one into the other:
> temp1(*)=temp2

The best way I know of to do this sort of thing (in IDL) is to use
array-insertion starting offsets.
e.g., If you have 2-dimensional arrays and you want to copy one on top
of another, do:  TEMP1(0,0)=TEMP2.
This is much, *much* more efficient than using '*'.   It also converts
what it copies to the datatype of TEMP1 if necessary.
This issue goes back a long way, so I'd expect the "solution" to work
on PV-Wave as well.

Peter Mason

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