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need help MS powersation fortran external

I'm new to the world of IDL, and the first thing I want
to learn how to do is re-use my fortran via call external.
So I tried compiling/linking the IDL example p112 of
the external development guide (also provided in the
"help" examples, "sum_array") and found that my MS
powerstation fortran (using f77 option) gags on the
mismatch of data types passed in the call statement,
which is in theory supposed to work as arrays passed
via reference.  Since the "wrapper" routine with the
array passing scheme seems essential for idl interface,
I don't see how to get around it.  The RSI technical
support uses a different compiler/linker with no problem.

Does anyone out there use MS powerstation (running
on win95) to create .dll's (I don't want to use the C
wrapper because I don't even have a C compiler on my system).

thanks, BS