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Make TV a function of X?

Hi all!   Thanks for all the helpful tips I have been
picking up by lurking around here.

I have a data set that is irregularly sampled, and I
need to make an image-type plot of this data, and was
hoping to get some suggestions on the best way to do this.

The first record of my data set is the time of the sample.
The experiment is started, and say 100 samples are taken...
one every 5 seconds.  Then nothing was taken for 1 hour
and then a sample every  10 seconds was made for the next
5 hours.  I want to take this sort of data set and make
an image plot with the time of the samples for the x axis.
Is there an easy way to do this and have the time axis
actually mean anything?  Usually, you are just defining
the time range for the axis labels.

The obvious way that comes to my mind is to just make
a uniform time scale, and then resample the data to fit
this scale, filling in the rows and rows of zeros where
necessary.  The times on my real data set fluctuate quite
a bit more than the example I gave.   Is this the best
(only?) way to do this sort of thing?  Any advice is

BTW, I am using Craig Markwardt's plotimage.pro proceedure,
to do my image plots, and I recommend it highly!


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