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Re: Make TV a function of X?

raouldukey@my-deja.com writes:
> I have a data set that is irregularly sampled, and I
> need to make an image-type plot of this data, and was
> hoping to get some suggestions on the best way to do this.

It's not totally clear what you are doing here, but I assume that each
of your samples is actually a *vector*, and that they are irregularly
sampled in time.  But maybe it's more appropriate to say that you have
uniformly sampled data separated by irregular gaps.  Right?

I have had a hard time representing the same kind of data.  My best
technique so far is to label the X axis as "sample number," and let
them appear uniformly sampled.  Then I place a vertical separator
lines whenever gaps would be.  Finally, you might want to label each
continuous segment with the time if you have room.  Not perfect, but
what can you do?

> BTW, I am using Craig Markwardt's plotimage.pro proceedure,
> to do my image plots, and I recommend it highly!

Why thanks!


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