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Re: rstrpos: version 5.2 and version 5.3

Andy Loughe wrote:
> Hello,
> In their latest software upgrade, did RSI really
> throw away the RSTRPOS function and replace it with
> Would they like to fix all the code I have that uses
> RSTRPOS?  No... I'll go write my own RSTRPOS.pro, thank you,
> or replace *all* my RSTRPOS with STRPOS(/REVERSE_SEARCH).
> This kind of non-backwards compatability gives
> IDL a bad name... I hear the complaint very often
> from ex-IDL programmers.

It's there.

You just need to add lib/obsolete under rsi/idl to your IDL search path, or,
equivalently, search all sub-paths of lib.  I do this as a matter of course, to
ensure such things don't happen.


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