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IMDISP update

IMDISP is an advanced replacement for TV and TVSCL. Version 1.36 is now
available at

IMDISP features: 
Supports WIN, MAC, X, CGM, PCL, PRINTER, PS, and Z graphics devices, 
8-bit and 24-bit display modes are handled automatically, 
Pseudo (indexed) color and True color images are handled automatically, 
Decomposed color settings are handled automatically, 
Image is automatically byte-scaled (can be disabled), 
Custom byte-scaling of Pseudo color images via the RANGE keyword, 
Image is automatically sized to fit the display while maintaining aspect
ratio (can be disabled), 
The !P.MULTI system variable is honored for multiple image display, 
Image can be positioned via the POSITION keyword, 
Color table splitting is available via the BOTTOM and NCOLORS keywords, 
Image aspect ratio customization via the ASPECT keyword, 
Resized images can be resampled (default) or interpolated, 
Top down image display via the ORDER keyword (!ORDER is ignored), 
Selectable display channel (R/G/B) via the CHANNEL keyword,
A comprehensive inline list of examples.

Updates in version 1.36 include:
Added a CHANNEL keyword to allow the display channel (R/G/B) to be
Fixed a problem where the first image displayed in a new IDL session
could be scaled incorrectly,
Added USEPOS keyword to force the image to exactly fit a supplied
POSITION vector, regardless of aspect or margin settings,
Added an example for the USEPOS keyword,
Added an example showing how the POSITION keyword can be used for images
where only the offset and size are known (e.g. MAP_IMAGE output).