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Re: Pretty-printing IDL code? [NASSI Shneiderman Diagrams]

Peter Suetterlin wrote:
>   Hi group!
> Does anyone here know a printing program that knows about the IDL
> syntax an can produce nice-looking printouts (e.g. grey comments, bold
> keywords etc.)?
> I'm working on Unix, PostScript output would be preferred...
>   Peter
> --

Dear Peter,

I am sure you all don't know that's some of my collegues has written a
tool to
write Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams for documentation of IDL programs.



nassi is distributed as Shareware. You can download a free demo version
for evaluation. This demo version includes all features of the full
version but will refuse to create output files for
large diagrams. 

A license for the full version enables you to download and use the
unconstrained version of nassi on any of the supported platforms. Please
see the License agreement for details. If you
have a full license you will be informed via Email about new releases of
nassi as soon as they are ready for downloading. You can download those
updates - which may contain bug fixes
or enhancements - using your license key. 

The price for a full license is DM 50 (or US $ 30). If you wish to
purchase a site license, please contact the authors."