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circle plot symbol

Hi Folks,

First of all, you have quite an impressive news group.  
Well, I Have a simple question.  How do I code a circle as a symbol in a
plot ?  All the symbols in my plots so far are squares, diamonds and
triangles, i.e. codes 2, 3, 4, etc...

Can anybody tell me the number or code for a "simple circle" to use in PSYM= ? 



P.S. I am a biology graduate student and trying to get rid some of the
Excel graphs from my dissertation.  I have used IDL 3.6 on Alpha UNIX for
1.5 years, and I am starting to use it again at home on the demo 5.3 until
I get the student 4.0 comes in.  I like it for multi-panel graphs,
contour-plots, and histograms.  Well, no circles yet...