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Re: IDLgrClipboard and IDLgrPrinter: wrong vector output order ?

"Nicolas Decoster" <Nicolas.Decoster@Noveltis.fr> wrote in message
> Hi.
> First of all:
> IDL> print, !version
> { sparc sunos unix 5.3 Nov 11 1999}
> I am trying to build home tools to draw some kind of personal graphics.
> Once I have my pretty drawing on a IDLgrView displaying on a
> IDLgrWindow, I want to print it or include it in document. I decided to
> use IDLgrClipboard with the vector keywords of the Draw method for
> various reasons.
> The problem is that the IDLgrWindow::Draw method and the IDLgrClipboard
> one don't seem to use the same atomic object order to render the view.
> Here is a little code to illustrate my words:
> --- begin of the little code ---
> ...
> --- end of the little code ---
> You see what I mean?

Well, no. On my system (x86 Win32 Windows 5.3.1 Feb 23 2000) the IDL window
& the Postscript file both look the same (red in front of green). At least
they do when the IDLgrWindow uses the hardware renderer (RENDERER=0), but if
I tell it to use the software renderer (RENDERER=1), the overlap is reversed
(green in front of red). I presume the latter is what you saw.

In my experience the only way to get reliable Z-ordering with Object
Graphics is to actually position atoms in the Z dimension, not to rely on
drawing order. The minimum offset required to ensure reliable overlap
control is approximately 1/65536 times the distance between the front and
rear clipping planes, e.g. see the following fragment from the IDLgrLegend

            oView->IDLgrView::GetProperty, ZCLIP = zClip
            depthOffset = (double(zClip[0]) - double(zClip[1]))/65536.d

(I guess this means that OpenGL uses 16-bit integers internally?)

Actually I suggest increasing the depth offset for overlap control to twice
the above value, because this seems to be required with some combinations of
atoms on some output devices.

Mark Hadfield
m.hadfield@niwa.cri.nz  http://katipo.niwa.cri.nz/~hadfield/
National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research
PO Box 14-901, Wellington, New Zealand