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More Keyboard events

Many of you may be using my keyboard event hack David put on his sight few years
ago (http://www.dfanning.com/tips/keyboard_events.html).  Recently, I really
wanted to be able to use the arrow keys, in addition to just normal "enterable"
ascii keys.  I've been living with compromises like "ijkm" for up left right
down, but I thought there *must* be some way to accomplish it.  There is.  But
beware, it's even more hackery than the previous hack.  

The example code is attached. As before, it uses a text widget hidden in a
bulletin-board base (nor /ROW or /COLUMN), but this time, in addition to
processing text insertion events, it also examines selection events.  A
carefully chosen amount of data is set into the widget, and the cursor is
positioned in a special position.  Hitting a cursor key generates a selection
event which advertises the change in the insertion point.  Immediately returning
the insertion point to it's original location will allow a repeatable offset to
be mapped to the correct arrow key.  

Unfortunately, IDL's implementation of WIDGET_TEXT_SEL events is spotty at best
on some platforms.  Under UNIX, it works just fine, missing no events and never
getting confused.  Under Windows, a bug exists in which consecutively pushing
the same arrow key does not generate an event every other time. Also, the
offsets into the text are different from unix to windows, likely due to the
cr/lf vs lf end of line markers.  The latter can easily be dealt with by
changing the offset mappings for different platforms as I've done, but the
former poses something of a problem.  In any case, the example code is
attached.  If you're just going to use it just for unix, you can dispense with
the !VERSION.OS_FAMILY nonsense.  Windows will ignore the 3rd event after two
consecutive presses in a single direction, since it will be some unknown
offset.  That makes repeatedly pressing a single arrow key frustrating.

Remember all the caveats on the page above... notice how I've made certain to
set INPUT_FOCUS when there is a chance it was taken away.  Also beware that for
Windows you must SET_TEXT_SELECT after the widget is REALIZE'd (see below).  

To guard against the code run when an arrow is hit taking a long time to
compute, and thus permitting events with unwanted and unknown selection offsets,
I desensitize the text widget during calculation.  This will cause it to miss
events when a calculation is blocking (no input possible).  E.g. if pressing the
left arrow rescales some large image.  If you want to get more events through
during these conditions and can tolerate occassional skips due to funky offsets,
remove the SENSITIVE pair. 

Forward working offset mapping for other platforms, and I'll include them too.
Good luck,


 J.D. Smith                             |*|      WORK: (607) 255-5842    
 Cornell University Dept. of Astronomy  |*|            (607) 255-6263
 304 Space Sciences Bldg.               |*|       FAX: (607) 255-5875 
 Ithaca, NY 14853                       |*|
pro catch_text,ev
   case type of
      'WIDGET_TEXT_SEL': begin
         widget_control, ev.id, get_uvalue=ulrdo
         widget_control, ev.id,SET_TEXT_SELECT=ulrdo[4],SENSITIVE=0
         case ev.offset of
            ulrdo[0]: xyouts,.5,.5,/NORMAL,'Up',   CHARSIZE=2.,ALIGNMENT=.5
            ulrdo[1]: xyouts,.5,.5,/NORMAL,'Left', CHARSIZE=2.,ALIGNMENT=.5
            ulrdo[2]: xyouts,.5,.5,/NORMAL,'Right',CHARSIZE=2.,ALIGNMENT=.5
            ulrdo[3]: xyouts,.5,.5,/NORMAL,'Down', CHARSIZE=2.,ALIGNMENT=.5
         widget_control, ev.id,/SENSITIVE,/INPUT_FOCUS

      'WIDGET_TEXT_CH': $


pro tt_event,ev
   widget_control, ev.top,GET_UVALUE=info
   if type eq 'WIDGET_TRACKING' then begin
      widget_control, info.key,/INPUT_FOCUS

   if ev.type le 1 then widget_control, info.key,/INPUT_FOCUS
   case ev.type of
   xyouts,.5,.5,/NORMAL,str, CHARSIZE=1.,ALIGNMENT=.5

pro tt
   draw=widget_draw(base,XSIZE=60,YSIZE=60,/TRACKING_EVENTS,/MOTION_EVENTS, $
      'unix': ulrdo=[1,3,5,7,4]
      'Windows': ulrdo=[1,4,6,9,5]
      else: message,'Not supported.'
   key=widget_text(base,/ALL_EVENTS,FRAME=0,XSIZE=2,YSIZE=3, $
                   VALUE=['**','**','**'], EVENT_PRO='catch_text',UVALUE=ulrdo)
   widget_control, base,SET_UVALUE={draw:draw,key:key},/REALIZE
   widget_control, key,SET_TEXT_SELECT=ulrdo[4],/INPUT_FOCUS