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Create postscript (vector) file with any size using IDLgrClipboard.


I need to create a file using the Draw method of IDLgrClipboard with the
vector and postscript keywords set. I want my figure to be 25cm x 25cm
using a high resolution (0.01 cm per centimeter, for example). The
problem is that IDL don't let me to init such a thing:

IDL> myClipboard = obj_new('IDLgrClipboard', dimensions = [25, 25],
units = 2, resolution = [0.01, 0.01]) 
% OBJ_NEW: Window DIMENSION[0] exceeds maximum. 
           Clamping to screen dimensions. 
% OBJ_NEW: Window DIMENSION[1] exceeds maximum. 
           Clamping to screen dimensions.

Is there a way to create a postscript file containing a figure of any
size and of any resolution?

In fact I have done this using the printer class (redirected in a file)
on UNIX, but I have other problems with this (grayscale for my color
images, misplaced images compared with Clipboard output or Window class


IDL> print, !version 
{ sparc sunos unix 5.3 Nov 11 1999} 

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