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ANNOUNCE: spice-dlm, an IDL interface to the SPICE toolkit

[ if you don't use JPL's SPICE toolkit, hit "n" now ]

I've written a DLM package for accessing SPICE functions from IDL.  If
you work with the SPICE toolkit from NAIF/JPL, you may find this useful.

The package provides simple IDL function/procedure interfaces to most
of SPICE, with a few exceptions.  Usage messages are available, and
type conversions are automatic.  Error handling conforms to what
you're accustomed to in IDL.

It's pretty solid.  I've been using it for over a year with excellent
results.  There's still room for improvement, though.

spice-dlm is Open Source, and registered at SourceForge.  If you want
to work on it, you can.  

For more information, see:


Have fun,
Eduardo Santiago    Software Type     esm@lanl.gov                   RKBA!