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Re: Standalone executables (was Origin of IDL)

Andy Loughe (loughe@fsl.noaa.gov) writes:

> If you want to distribute an application to many people, the Unlimited 
> Right to Distribute option is recommended. With the Unlimited Right to 
> Distribute, you license into your application prior to distribution. 
> When your colleague or customer receives the application, they install 
> and run it, without any further validation. 

Uh, huh. And from what I hear, the Unlimited
Right to Distribute license is only $50K per
*version* of IDL. 

So, let's see, we'll forget about those cheapskates
still using IDL 4. They can't be doing serious
scientific work anyway. So 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and
I probably want to really get rich with 5.4. So for
only a quarter million dollars I can be distributing
my IDL application world-wide.

Or did I miss something? :-)



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