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Re: Gridding options

"J.D. Smith" <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu> wrote:
>Craig Markwardt wrote:
>> The triumph of the FOR loops, then!  Sometimes even ancient scripture
>> can be misinterpretted.
>The rampant literalism in this newsgroup is repulsing me.  I mean really,
>people, look at it!  
>tt=total(a[(((dy=((di=lindgen(((n=nx<ny)),nx+ny-1)))/n))*(nx gt ny?1:nx)+ $
>              (nx gt ny?1:-1)*((dx=di mod n))*(nx-1))>0<(nx*ny-1)]* $
>           (dy ge dx AND (dy-dx) lt nx>ny),1)
>Does it really look like something anyone would ever actually write?!?  I can
>see my sarcasm has been utterly wasted on this crowd.  

Well, I hate to be too literal about it, but you _did_ write it, did you not? =)

I do believe that it does fall under the realm of obfuscated. Perhaps, as
in the world of C where there is an actual contest to create such things,
we could add entries such as the one above to our own IDL obfuscated code
contest. Perhaps the "evil side" of being an "expert programmer" is, like
JD, you get the urge to write code like that. ;>