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Re: beguinner's question

David (dgallego@eucmos.sim.ucm.es) writes:
> I'm working with IDL 5.2 (PC) plotting maps of geographical variables
> (pressure, etc.). I would like to know if it is possible to save the
> graphical output to a vectorial file (such as EPS, Illustrator, WMF).
> Currently I can save the work in TIFF or JPG.

You can certainly create encapsulated PostScript output.
There is no Illustrator output, but in IDL 5.4 you can 
now create WMF format files. (At least on Windows machines,
I don't know if this is available in UNIX. Anyone?)

I like to use the PSConfig program you can find on
my web page to get the PostScript "page" set up 
appropriately. For example, if I want to draw
an encapsulated plot on A4 paper, I would do something
like this:

   keywords = PSConfig(/European, /Encapsulated, Cancel=cancelled)
   IF NOT cancelled THEN BEGIN
      thisDevice = !D.Name
      Set_Plot, 'PS'
      Device, _Extra=keywords
      Plot, mydata
      Device, /Close_File
      Set_Plot, thisDevice


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