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RSI / CreaSo survey: Whish list

As RSI and CreaSo ask the users for future improvements of the product

I started to compile a list of improvements. Here come my thoughts,

Current State: Currently all graphical output is determined solely
               by the plot function and parameters passes to it.
               Once it is on the screen it is fixed.
Improvement:   I would like to use a mouse and click to an axes and
               can change the labelling (font, color, ...) and the
               region of interest (zoom into my data). Updated viewing
               parameters should be reflected on some system variables

Current State: Labeling of contour plots isn't easy or isn't done as
Improvement:   Better control of the labels.
Improvement:   Interactive placement and editing of labels

Current State: 3-D objects are rendered with a primitive light model
Improvement:   Better 3-D graphics with more light sources, methods to
               place/move the camera etc.

Current State: 3-D objects cannot be exported to other graphical
Improvement:   Output of DXF, Wavefront object files, or STEP is

Current State: Map projections are sometimes difficult to use when a
               strictly given result is required.
Improvement:   Better map transform algorithms should be available and
               bugs fixed.

Current State: Usage of structures slows down execution time compared
               using common blocks as structure.
Improvement:   More efficient code to handle structures.

Current State: Usage of structures is limited to data.
Improvement:   Make IDL more object oriented.

Current State: !P.MULTI is too difficult to use for some layouts. Too
Improvement:   More layouts, better handling, interactivity.

Current State: IDL for Windows supports the clipboard only by writing
to it.
               OLE is not supported.
Improvement:   Make tvrd to read from the clipboard. Support OLE.

More ideas ???

Norbert Hahn
Technische Hochschule Darmstadt