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power style labels

Could anyone tell me how to force IDL to make labels with power style
without using [XYZ]TICKNAME?
Power style means '1x10!u2' in string expression for 100 and so on.

In my environments (I use IDL5.1), if I draw with following command,
> plot, [0, 1e5]
I get y-axis labels like
['0', '2x10!u4', '4x10!u4', '6x10!u4', '8x10!u4', '1x10!u5']
in string expression. However when I use
> plot, [0, 1e4]
labels become ['0', '2000', '4000', '6000', '8000', '10000'].
These are determined automatically, but I'd like to change them with
my specification. I don't like to use following style.
>plot, [0, 1e4], ytickformat = '(e7.1)'

Thanks in advance.
Atsushi Shimizu (shimizu@kurasc.kyoto-u.ac.jp)
Radio Atmospheric Science Center
Kyoto University