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map_set question

If anyone still has the IDL 4.0 User's Guide (1995) please look at page 19-10 to help in answering my question here.  The picture for the Oblique Cylindrical Equidistant map projection interests me because I would like to see both poles.  I'm using IDL 5.2 on UNIX so that might make a difference, but if I type the command on page 19-11:

map_set, 0, 0, 45, LONDEL = 20, LATDEL = 20, $

to produce this map, it comes up with a simple cylindrical map, but the whole map actually rotates 45 degrees, ie the edges of the map are now 45 degrees from their original horizontal and vertical positions.  I would expect the ROT value of 45 to create the map on page 19-10 as the book says, but it does not.  Can anyone explain this discrepancy in the book, and how I can create that map on page 19-10?  Thanks.