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SPAWN and windows

Hi all, especially the members of the expert-programmers' association,

  I am almost ready to release my IDL webmaker tool in its first
version, but there
are still a few things I need to clean up. One thing that bothers me
currently is
how Windows behaves when I spawn a command: I need to create several
directopries and copy several files in webmaker, and for each spawned
command, WINdows opens a DOS Window, flashes the result of the executed
command at me and closes it again. Besides getting you close to crazy
watching it happen on the screen, it also seems to allocate quite a few
system resources which, apparently, are released only much later. Is
there a way to spawn simple DOS commands without opening a window? In an
earlier post I saw something like spawn,'start <programname>' -- would
this help?

Thanks for any answer, win your EPA award!


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