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Re: IDLgrWindow (?) bug

Pavel Romashkin (pavel@netsrv1.cmdl.noaa.gov) writes:

> I think there is a bug in the way IDL creates an independent object
> graphics window. Once you change things in it, the viewport (or
> something else) changes, messing the displayed axes up. Try the code at
> the bottom of this message. I use  PPC IDL 5.2 and tried it in PPC IDL 5.3.

Humm. Could be. I couldn't really make heads or tails
out of your example code, so I couldn't really decide
what I was suppose to be looking for.

I'm not sure what "messing the displayed axes up" means.
I notice you are not recomputing the axis text objects
character dimensions, which would certainly mess the 
displayed axes up after you changed either the viewport
or the axis range. I would do something like this:

   x_axis = obj_new('IDLgrAxis', 0, ticklen=0.03, name='X_AXIS', $
       location=[1000, 0, 0], /exact)
   x_axis->GetProperty, TickText=xtextObject
   xtextObject->SetProperty, Recompute_Dimensions=2

But maybe your question extents beyond this detail. If
so, let me know.



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