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Re: grayscale vs. color

Struan Gray (struan.gray@sljus.lu.se) writes:

>     I'm not trying to be argumentative.  I'm genuinely baffled as
> to why you and David feel IDL has no CYMK abilities at all, and
> what exactly you feel should be added.  I'm interested to hear
> about specific problems you have had.

After giving this some more thought, I going to back
off a notch and agree with Struan, sort of. :-)

Perhaps CYMK support is not strictly needed. Certainly
most of us have Photoshop. (Although, God knows that is
another long-learning-curve piece of software!) We can
probably get by with it or our friend, the Graphic Designer,
who we religiously take out to lunch at least once a month.

But what I would like, very much, is for the PostScript
device to be a true 24-bit device so that 24-bit images
could be reproduced in good CYMK colors. Now, of course,
you have to Color_Quan 24-bit images to get PostScript

And the other thing I could *really* use is some kind
of decent preview image in PostScript files. This certainly
can't be beyond the talent at RSI and is something that would
make IDL much more acceptable to the the general user community,
who just want to get a decent plot into their report for the 
boss. Yes, we can produce PostScript, use Distiller to make
a PDF file, convert that to... But, honestly. :-(



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