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Re: grayscale vs. color

David Fanning wrote:
> After giving this some more thought, I going to back
> off a notch and agree with Struan, sort of. :-)
> Perhaps CYMK support is not strictly needed. Certainly
> most of us have Photoshop. (Although, God knows that is
> another long-learning-curve piece of software!) We can
> probably get by with it or our friend, the Graphic Designer,
> who we religiously take out to lunch at least once a month.
> But what I would like, very much, is for the PostScript
> device to be a true 24-bit device so that 24-bit images
> could be reproduced in good CYMK colors. Now, of course,
> you have to Color_Quan 24-bit images to get PostScript
> color.

The PostScript device *does* support 24-bit images displayed with TV or
TVRD (don't forget to load the grayscale color table though). What it
can't do is draw decomposed colors, as in the following example:

plot, indgen(10), color='FF0000'XL

A workaround is to use the Printer device (which supports both 24-bit
images and decomposed colors), and select an output printer which
supports color PostScript (e.g. HP Color Laserjet PS).