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Re: kmeans and clusters procedures differences...

Gonzalo Rojas <grojasy@puc.cl> writes:
>    what is the difference between the obsolete IDL procedure "kmeans"
> and the new "cluster" ?... In theory, with this procedures we get the
> same results, but I tested it with the same input parameters (same
> image, quantity of clusters, etc, etc), and we got different results...


I think Mark's reply emphasizes that the newsgroup members don't
provide technical support for IDL.  If you are interested in answers
then you might consider to actively participate in the discussion, and
not just post the same question twice.

I would guess that very few people have experience with clustering,
and that's part of the reason for no replies.  However, Mr. Dorthe
Wildenschild (whom I have cc'd) recently posted a question on CLUSTER.
Perhaps you could discuss this with him and report what you learn.


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