The program listed here is also available as a PDF. Click on each person’s name to see and hear their recorded talk, now posted on YouTube.

Sunday, June 19

Sterling Hall, room 1310, 475 North Charter Street, Madison.

Session I: Working and having fun with Willy

8:30 am Informal get-together with refreshments
9:27 am Mark A. Eriksson, Chair of the department, Welcome to UW-Physics
9:30 am Tom Clegg (University of North Carolina), early polarized source work  in Madison and other labs (30+5 mins)
10:05 am Pupa Gilbert (University of Wisconsin), teaching with Willy, cooking with Willy and Gaby (20+5 mins)
10:30 am Coffee Break
11:10 am Paula Panczenko (Tandem Press), Willy and Gaby’s art collecting (15+5 mins)
11:30 am Fleming Crim (University of Wisconsin and NSF), Willy at the National Academy of Sciences, plus comments on NSF expansion (15+5 mins)
11:50 pm Time for short, contributed reminiscences
12:30 pm Lunch Break (boxed lunch in Sterling Hall or just outside in the garden by the Newton apple tree, if the weather is good)

Session II: Polarized Beams and Targets

2:00 pm Tom Wise (University of Wisconsin), polarized sources and internal targets developed with Willy for outside user experiments (30+5 mins)
2:35 pm Erhard Steffens (University of Erlangen), European experiments with polarized gas targets (30+5 mins)
3:10 pm Hans-Otto Meyer (Indiana University), physics with polarized beams and polarized internal targets in storage rings (30+5 mins)
3:45 pm Coffee Break
4:05 pm Thomas Roser (Brookhaven National Laboratory), accelerating polarized ion beams in RHIC and EIC, plus reminiscences of working on Simonius-Haeberli pp parity violation experiment (30+5 mins)
4:40 pm Yousef Makdisi (Brookhaven National Laboratory), polarized hydrogen jet target and absolute beam polarization calibration at RHIC (20+5 mins)
5:05 pm Time for short, contributed reminiscences
5:45 pm Break before dinner
7:00 pm Banquet Dinner in a private room (Great Hall) at Memorial Union, with after-dinner speaker Jay Davis (formerly at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, President Emeritus of The Hertz Foundation, Owner and Chief Sharecropper, Talking Bull Vineyard)

Monday, June 20

Sterling Hall, room 1310, 475 North Charter Street, Madison

Session III: Willy’s Legacy, Part I: Symmetry and Fundamental Interaction Tests

9:00 am Krishna Kumar (University of Massachusetts), status and future of parity-violating electron scattering experiments (30+5 mins)
9:35 am Steve Vigdor (Indiana University), Willy’s descendants and charge symmetry Breaking (30+5 mins)
10:10 am Frank Rathmann (Forschungszentrum Jülich), Search for the deuteron electric dipole moment at COSY (30+5 mins)
10:45 am Coffee Break
11:05 am Ed Stephenson (Indiana University), EDM searches with polarized beams (30+5 mins)
11:40 pm Group Photo
12:00 pm Buffet lunch at Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Orchard View room.

Session IV: Willy’s Legacy, Part II: Nucleon Spin Structure

2:00 pm Richard Milner (MIT), Visualizing the proton: a collaboration between art and science (30+5 mins)
2:35 pm Carl Gagliardi (Texas A&M University), RHIC Spin program and gluon polarization in the proton (30+5 mins)
3:10 pm Coffee Break
3:30 pm Elke Aschenauer (Brookhaven National Laboratory), spin structure investigations planned for EIC (30+5 mins)
4:05 pm Time for short, contributed reminiscences
4:30 pm Baha Balantekin (University of Wisconsin), closing tribute to Willy
5:00 pm Symposium adjournment
5:30 pm Chazen Museum of Art (800 University Avenue), Unveiling of the art donated by Willy