Basic Shop Terminology

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hand tools


Pliers-expanding & needle nose


philips head and flat head screw driver
phillips head screw driver
flat head screw driver


crescent wrenchbox wrenchessocket wrench set
crescent wrench, box wrench set, socket set



punch and hammer

punchball peen hammer
drive punch, marking punch, ball-peen hammer


hand filescard file
various hand files and card file used for cleaning the files
hole making

drill press

drill press
Drill press

drill chuck

drill chuck
drill chuck with key and keyless drill chuck
used to hold drill tools NOT end mills

center drill

center drill
Center Drill
used to start a hole when drilling
drill bit types

sheet metal bit

sheet metal drill bitside view of sheet metal drill bit
Sheet Metal cutting Drill Bit
Notice the tip of the drill

brass/copper drill bit

dubbed drill bit
Dubbed Drill Bit
Used for drilling Brass and Copper

metal drill bit

metal cutting drill bit
Metal cutting Drill Bit
usually 118 degree tip

flat bottom

flat bottom drill bit
Flat Bottom drill bit
used to make a flat bottom in a pre-drilled hole
Finishing the hole

deburring tool

hole deburring tool
Hole Deburrer
used for deburring the edge of a pre-drilled hole

counter-sink vs counter-bore

counter sinkcounter bore
Counter-sink is used to recess a pre-drilled hole for a flat-head screw
Counter-bore is used to recess a pre-drilled hole for socket-head cap screw


taptap wrench handles
tap (used to thread a hole) and tap handles


Lathe with 3 jaw chuck
measuring devices


dial caliper
Dial Caliper

combination square

combination square
Combination Square

height gage

height gage
Height Gage


how to read a metric micrometer, english here


used for measuring angles

screw pitch gage

screw pitch thread gage
Screw Pitch Gage
Used to determine the pitch of a thread

telescoping hole gage

telescoping hole gages
Telescoping Hole Gages
used for measuring the diameter of a hole


vertical mill
Vertical Mill


horizontal mill
Horizontal Mill
mill accessories

r-8 collet

R eight collet
R-8 collet
used for holding tools in the Vertical Mill

edge finder

edge finder
top- .5" diameter edge finder
bottom- .2" diameter edge finder

end mill

two flute end mill
2-flute end mill

fly cutter

fly cutter
Fly Cutter
used for milling a flat surface

boring head

boring head
Boring Head
Used for enlarging a hole

dividing head

dividing head
Dividing head


parallels in use in a vise
Parallels used to raise a part in a mill vise

rotary table

rotary table
Rotary Table

clamping to table using strap-clamp assembly

Notice the set up. The stud is closest to the clamped part,
the strap clamp is higher on the stand-off end