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Re: IDL for windows :-{

I wrote yesterday:

> Uh, RDPIX was written in 1987! I think Microsoft was still
> located in Albuquerque. And Windows IDL was not even a
> twinkle in David Stern's eye. I suggest you learn how to 
> write your own nifty RDPIX as a widget program. It would work
> better and you would learn something in the process. Take about
> 10 minutes, I think. Course, you could modify the RDPIX code.
> That would take about 30 seconds, probably. After you figured
> out all those abbreviated keyword names. :-)

Here, as a public service, is a Read_Pixel for Windows!
It took 15 minutes, but I documented it. Something the
original was lacking. :-)




P.S. Should even work on UNIX and VMS machines. :-)

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