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Re: IDL for windows :-{

Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan (steinhh@ulrik.uio.no) writes:

> Sure, Dave, from my original post:
> >As an extra bonus, it would be *very* nice if one could specify
> >more than one such "interactive colormap" - i.e. along the lines
> >of:
> >    newmap = obj_new('pseudomap') ;; Create a new (interactive)
> >                                  ;; colormap
> >    window,2,pseudo=newmap ;; Both windows share this new map

Ah, yes. I remember this now, Stein Vidar. Good ideas. But
I see it involves objects (as it almost has to). I fooled
around with a color "lurker" object some time ago. It would
lurk in the background paying attention to when color tables
were loaded and if a window it was "managing" was open it
would redisplay the graphics command in that window by
calling the Draw method of a graphics object.

I recall it working great (I accidentally deleted the 
code in a disk cleaning frenzy) with the graphics objects
I was working with at the time (plot and contour objects
that used direct graphics calls). But I remember thinking
that it wouldn't be too hard to write an XWindow-like
object wrapper around *any* graphics command, so that 
windows could be automatically updated.

I recall that I needed (or *thought* I needed a singleton
object). I've just re-read JD's thoughts on that and have
some ideas on how it could be implemented to serve this

But...it will have to wait. My mother arrives for a visit
tomorrow and if she sees my house in this state it will
go badly for me. :-(



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