Room 2241

Room 2241
  • Located off main lobby or the University Avenue main entrance.

  • Room capacity is 173 persons.

  • There are three egress entrances to the lecture hall, two in back and one front.



  • one-on-one orientation can be requested through our department and is highly recommended. 

  • The main system is a password protected, Creston Interface

  • The Creston password is given out upon request by the physics department – NOT by campus scheduling. 

  • Password is changed every school year.

  • There is a VCR and DVD/CD player.

  • There are two wireless microphones available. One microphone is always in the room, the other is available by request. 

Crestron Operation:

  • The touch screen touch pad — The screen maybe dark (ie. asleep) and will require you to touch the screen “once” to wake it up. You will then need to touch the screen a second time to acquire the log-in screen.

  • Enter the 4 digit password that was given to you be the physics department. Your campus 6 digit password will not work. They are for AMX rooms, this is a Crestron room.

  • Using a computer with our Crestron System:

    1. Connect your computer to the Crestron System with the VGA cable provided for you on the lectern. This cable should be connected to “Computer 1” or “Graphic 1” input port located on the black panel in the upper left-hand side of the lectern. (See 3rd image below.)

      1. If your computer does not automatically send its signal to the external auxiliary display port once you have connect to the our Crestron system, you may have to manually turn that on.  For an example, on many PC’s this command is entered by holding down the function key, fn, and then striking the F8 key. This operation may be different for other computers.

      2. If using power point, make sure that you are not in slide show mode. This often turns off the external auxiliary display port on older Apple computers.

      3. Always double check that all cables are well seated and have not loosened. HDMI and Lighting cords often loosen up with very little effort. Just unplug them and plug them back in, give the computer a little time to switch display modes. 

    2. When all cables are connected,  select/push the “Computer 1” button from under “Room Sources” (This button is circled in Red) Your computer display should appear on the Crestron touch screen preview window above the room source buttons. If it does not appear within the Crestron preview window, then there is a problem and repeat step one above.

    3. Once you have your display showing within the Crestron preview window, you now can send it to any or all of the projectors. This is your choice. Most common would be center screen or projector B. To do this, select/push the “Projector B” button located at top of the Crestron touch screen.

      1. Projector B button will change with a darken label “Warming” appearing over the button. This will go away in time. You should be able to see a blue light coming from projector B which is located in the back of the lecture hall.

      2. The label just above the Projector B button will change to whichever source button that was selected. In this case Computer 1. 

      3. Each projector button has an associated “Mute” button. Which blank the projector image without turning off the projector.

        • The color of the mute button’s will change for “Green” = OFF to “Gray” = ON

        • NOTE: The word “MUTE” is always seen. Even when the the mute function is being used (ON). This does cause a lot of confusion. Just remember that Green means Go!!

Quick Fixes

  1. Contrast Issue

    • Older Mac’s only!

      • You’ll need to be hooked up to the av system in your classroom to implement this fix: To assign the sRGB Display profile to your projector, follow these steps:

        1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu. 

        2. Choose Displays from the View menu. 

        3. Click the Color tab. 

        4. UNCLICK THE CHECKMARK ON THE BUTTON “Show profiles for this display only” if it is selected. 

        5. From the Display profile list that pops up, choose sRGB IEC61966-2.1 to set your projector to the sRGB display profile. 


Room 2241 Lectern


First screen when touched to wake it up.

Click here for more
touch pad instructions.


Lecture Graphic and Video input panel (AV Panel).

If there is a Lecture demo table out, there

will be a second AV input Panel under that table


Lapel Wireless Microphone

ON/OFF is inside with Batteries

Click here for Microphone instructions.


Wolfvision Document Camera.  
White Board Lights (Manual)


Room 2241 AV Rack (DVD/CD/VCR)