General Physics Fall 2017 Reference Page

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Gary Shiu
Stanislav Boldyrev
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Course Description: 
Primarily for engineering students. Electricity, magnetism, light, and sound. Two lectures, two discussions and one three-hour lab per week.
Class Notes: 
EVENING MID TERM EXAMS: 7:15-8:45pm, Wednesday, Oct. 11th, Nov. 15th Discussions begin Thurs. Sep 7th. Labs begin the week of Sep 18th
Physics 201, 207, or EMA 201 and EMA 202, or EMA 201 and ME 240, or equivalent. Not open to students who have taken Physics 208 or 248
Lecture Place and Time: 
TR 1:20-2:10pm, 2103 Chamberlin Hall
TR 2:25-3:15pm, 2103 Chamberlin Hall
Final Exam Date and Time: 
Friday, December 15, 2017 2:45pm to 4:45pm
Physics For Scientists and Engineers With Modern Physics, 9th edition by Serway & Jewett Cengage Learning 2014, ISBN 1305292391
Lab Manual--Physics 202 By Department of Physics Staff
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