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Room 2320 Chamberlin Hall
University of Wisconsin–Madison
1150 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706-1390

(608) 262-4526


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Department Chairs

Mark A Eriksson

Department Chairperson and John Bardeen Professor of Physics

(608) 263-6289

5118 Chamberlin Hall

Kevin Black

Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Program

(608) 262-1232

4217 Chamberlin Hall

Mark Rzchowski

Associate Chairperson and Professor

(608) 265-2876

5114 Chamberlin Hall

Academic Services

Evan Heintz

Undergraduate Advisor

(608) 265-0552

2320 Chamberlin Hall

Sharon Kahn

Graduate Program Manager

(608) 262-9678

2320 F Chamberlin Hall

Jim Reardon

Director of Undergraduate Program

(608) 262-0945

2320g Chamberlin Hall