One of the longest and deepest traditions surrounding the University of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Idea signifies a general principle: that education should influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Synonymous with Wisconsin for more than a century, this “Idea” has become the guiding philosophy of university outreach efforts in Wisconsin and throughout the world.

Whether it’s hosting the longest-running hands-on science museum or introducing new programs like the Wonders of Quantum Physics, our department has a long and proud tradition of fulfilling the Wisconsin Idea through physics outreach. The initiatives below are just a few of the ways in which members of the department engage with the public.

Physics outreach is overseen by the department’s Outreach, Communications, Web Content & Museum committee, which includes: Profs. Victor Brar (chair), Uwe Bergmann, Bob Joynt, Lu Lu, and Dan McCammon; staff members Cierra Atkinson, Elizabeth Baldridge, Mallory Conlon, Haddie McLean, Steve Narf, Susan Nossal, Sarah Perdue, and Chad Seys; and graduate student Scott Lucchini.

Upcoming Outreach Events

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Contact a member of the Outreach Team

Cierra Atkinson

Position title: Outreach Coordinator

Email: catkinson5@wisc.edu

Mallory Conlon

Position title: Quantum Science Outreach Program Coordinator

Email: mallory.conlon@wisc.edu

Haddie McLean

Position title: Wonders of Physics Coordinator

Email: haddie@physics.wisc.edu

Sarah Perdue

Position title: Director of Communications

Email: saperdue@wisc.edu