a man wearing a Wisconsin sweatshirt and hat stands in front of the illuminated State Capitol building at dusk, with a Van der Graff machine to his right and aluminum pie plates floating in the air

Wonders of Physics Outreach Fellows

Continuing the proud tradition that our department has in conducting physics outreach, we are excited to announce the Wonders of Physics Outreach Fellows Program.

The Wonders of Physics Outreach Fellows program accepts up to 20 graduate students in the PhD program who are interested in and committed to conducting physics outreach; preference is given to first-year PhD students. Fellows will receive mentoring in outreach from professional outreach staff, including an in-person outreach training session. They will then participate in one or more outreach events over the course of the year and document their fellowship following best practices in CV building. Following completion of the fellowship, fellows will receive a certificate, and their name and activities will be posted on this website.

Fellowship Details

Questions? Please email Cierra Atkinson, catkinson5@wisc.edu

For a list of previous fellows, visit our Fellows archives.

2023-24 Senior Outreach Fellows (returning Fellows)