Teaching Assistantships (TA)

Teaching Assistantships

The typical first appointment for a beginning graduate student is a Teaching Assistantship. A teaching assistantship is both a teaching position and a means of support for graduate study. It is normally advantageous for a graduate student to hold a teaching assistantship for at least a semester during graduate studies, since the teaching activity solidifies and deepens the teaching assistant's undergraduate education in physics and also helps prepare for a possible career in teaching.

Teaching assistants and project assistants with combined graduate assistant appointments of one-third time or greater receive a remission of all in-state and out-of-state fees, except for the segregated fees ($607.40 per semester for full time students in the 2016-17 year.) Tuition is also waived. TA appointments are done for a semester at a time. Rates for the 2016-17 academic year are either standard rate or senior rate. Based on a 50% appointment at the standard rate, a TA earns approximately $7,824.25 per semester.  See TA Details for additional information on the appointment responsibilities and evaluation process of teaching assistants.

Other Support Available: Fellowships, Research Assistantships

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